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Intro to Website Design and Video Production Services

With more than 25 years experience in the design and production of media — including both website design and video production — Trudy Thomson & Associates has produced award-winning presentations for businesses, government, educational initiatives, and artists. Small businesses and individuals find her services affordable and effective. Located in Chapel Hill, NC, Thomson is accessible to clients in the surrounding areas including Carrboro, Durham, and RTP.

This introduction identifies specific benefits of working with Trudy, as well as providing you with links that inform you about new trends in media and marketing. To see examples of her work, you can go directly to website design or view short video clips of sample programs at video production. And, if you have any questions, feel free to contact Trudy by email.

My role is designer, writer, producer, and director. My background in website design, video production and project management ensures that each presentation is effective and the process is efficient. As an "information architect" I can organize your information and craft a message that hits the mark. And, I have access to highly skilled associates which insures that each product reflects the highest degree of professionalism.

— Trudy Thomson


My Background and Experience in Website Design and Video Production

With an advanced degree in Media Design from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I understand how our perception works to interpret media and be influenced by it. For many years I worked in a highly reputable corporate environment -- at SAS Institute -- in both video and web design; I freelanced and produced many memorable projects about our state's cultural history and heritage. I also had the pleasure of producing programs for various non-profit organizations. This background provided me with invaluable experience applying design principles, exposure to an array of treatments, and the opportunity to test out many different approaches to website design and video production techniques.

As I apply my range of skills to design in any media, I most enjoy creating a unique look and feel for each and every client. I am also an artist, so it is only most natural that my media work now focusses primarily on website design and/or video for artists, small businesses, and other initiatives.

My visual designs are clean, contemporary and uncluttered. Updates to the websites that I hand-craft are timely and inexpensive. If your prefer to update your site yourself I can set up a Wordpress site for you. Wordpress offers a wide array of highly functional themes. It can be a confusing to assess the particular features associated with a theme, so I help guide you through that process to make sure you get the functionality you need.

My video work is pleasing to the eye and holds your attention. As in other media, I concentrate on the effect that every angle has and I am aware of how each view contributes to the visual impact.

Marketing Messages Benefit from Good Writing Skills

Unlike some web designers, I have background in marketing and writing, so I can help you -- as a wordsmith -- to craft a strong verbal message that supports the visual; I can help you structure the content on your website so that information is accessible and easy to use. So that after looking through your website, your potential customer or client is compelled to take action, to feel secure in using a particular service, or to understand and see the usefulness or beauty of a product, be it commercial or artistic.

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Basic Principles of Search Engine Optimization, Use of Social Media, and Site Design

I also understand the basic principles of Search Engine Optimization, so I can create a website design that follows the best practices and guidelines needed to get you recognition. I can also help you with appropriate uses of Social Media, and build a website that incorporates icons that help you integrate your different social media efforts. I am also well-versed with blogging, maintaining both a media and art blog. I can integrate your blog with your website which can help you gain visibility in the world of web media.

To get special tips about many different aspects of designing websites and producing video follow my media blog. And for yet another type blog, that I created using Wordpress, see my art blog and website.

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Graphic Design Services and Marketing Collateral

In response to recent requests, I have decided to offer a range of services to help artists and small businesses promote themselves. This includes making powerpoint presentations, photographing art/crafts or products, photo prep for the web or print purposes, and producing print marketing collateral. See this detailed list of multimedia services.

Compilation of Links Related to Marketing Art

Attached is a link to many valuable sources of information about marketing your art that I compiled when presenting a talk for the Orange County Arts Commission in October 2013 at the Art Center.